"Scott's best skill however, is his broad knowledge of Revit Architecture and BIM." W. Grant Moseley, Jr., AIA, President, MSTSD, Inc.
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VDC Construction Management

Construction Management Software covers a broad expanse of roles and responsibilities. The key, however, is integration – and how that integration is leveraged so one department's work feeds another throughout the entire organization.

Some people believe that BIM is only a model used for visualization. However, let's remember the "I" in BIM is the differentiator between models, between software packages, and between construction firms. As the BIM acronym implies, much information can be added to a simple 3D model, making it rich and ripe for many constituents. Visualization is the most cited benefit, but the benefits don't stop there.

VDC Construction and Coordination... Just as a car manufacturer needs to see if a door will fit properly on the frame, many BIM models can be compared using clash detection against each other for interference and intersections where two objects are attempting to share the same space as is prevalent in MEP design. You can also check your models against building codes checklists to make sure you are in compliance. Resolving these issues in preconstruction results in fewer off-site fabrication errors, tighter schedules without pile-ups, resulting in fewer change orders.

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